Computer basics is the knowledge and ability to use computers and technology efficiently. It is a very important skill to possess as employers want their workers to have basic computer skills as nowadays everything is getting more and more dependent on computers. Students also require computer basic skills and certificate for applying government jobs. Computer skills are required by students in pursuing their education efficiently.


Following are the most important softwares that a person should be aware of if he wants to learn about computer basics.

Microsoft Word is how all text documents are put together. You can make any type of report by mastering this software.

Arguably the most powerful computer programme is Microsoft Excel. Unlike Word, Excel has very few equivalent programmes that operate at the same level. Excel is used to compile large amounts of data into organised spreadsheets. It can even apply a large number of mathematical equations to the data you plug in. Excel is used in a very wide range of careers and industries. Being literate in Excel will be an advantage to you in almost any career.

The next basic computer program that you should be literate in is Microsoft PowerPoint. This is one of the best multimedia tools for effective visual communication. PowerPoint helps you put together slideshow presentations to present your ideas in a very visual and concise manner.

Besides these 3 softwares, a fair understanding of internet is inevitable. You should know how to advance search on google, how to send and receive mail, how to manage your gmail account as this is the need of today’s job environment.

There are thousands of other important computer programs, but the four mentioned here are the important basics.Being skilled in Microsoft Office and internet is a basic requirement for many admin job positions. We will make you perfect in these computer skills so that you can add them to your CV or upgrade your existing computer skills.